What is mBraining?

A field of practice that integrates the latest neuroscience with

thousands of years of esoteric wisdom from around the world

Neuroscience continues to identify more and more about how we, human becomings, operate and live from a neurological level outwards.

Over the last few decades neuroscientists have identified different complex adaptive neural networks in our bodies … which they term ‘BRAINS’. The first to be identified and studied in-depth were the head, heart and gut brains.

And from this mBraining was born.

How? Grant Soosalu & Marvin Oka found the research fascinating, particularly when considered alongside the context of a wide variety of esoteric practices globally. They asked themselves some questions that started: ‘If these are ‘brains’ do they:

  • have discrete primary functions?
  • communicate directly?
  • communicate with one another?

Years of behavioural modelling and working alongside other scientists, practitioners and professionals led Grant and Marvin to create the new field of mBraining. Here we learn to do cool stuff with our multiple brains.

Through mBraining we learn how to access, communicate and align our multiple brains. Leading us to coherence in our decisions, behaviours and interactions. We express our best self as we lead from a place within of true compassion, creating innovative approaches to life and courageously acting to make a difference.

mBraining is a profound field and yet a remarkably simple model that you will easily learn and apply in your day-to-day life.

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