What an amazing experience it was to train this group of people who came from a range of backgrounds including health, corporate, legal, coaching and consulting. We had people from London, Cornwall and the Republic of Panama.

It was a privilege to have Stephen Moore as co-trainer. We each bring different perspectives, approaches and experiences to the training. We share mBraining in alternative ways allowing our learners to have an exquisite experience.

Day 1 was full-on as we welcomed people to the small and perfectly formed cricket pavilion at the historical Royal Military Academy in SE London. A brief opportunity to begin getting to know one another before diving on the information super highway that the first day is. Day 2-4 we took all the knowledge shared on the first day and learnt how to apply it practically when working 1-2-1 with others.

We start with breathing. And move into communicating with each of our brains … heart, head and gut. We then learn how to align them, becoming congruent in our feelings, thoughts and actions. And we top it all off with moving into our highest expressions of our Self … compassionate, creative and courageous.

Grant in full swing with the participants asking him questions about mBIT

Deeply honoured to have had a 1-hour video connection with Grant Soosalu, co-founder and on-going co-creator of the field of mBraining. Listening to his answers and the vision he has for impacting our world in healing, nurturing and generative ways was, as always, inspiring.

And finally on the afternoon of Day 4 our participants paired up and took each other through the mBIT Roadmap, integrating all they had learnt. Stephen and I were thrilled to certify them as the newest mBIT Coaches who are joining the global mBraining community. We are grateful to have shared this learning space with them!

Welcome to the mBraining global community. You are part of our mFamily now!