This month I’ve focused on truly connecting with my Self and with people who matter to me in ways that are about caring, socialising and having fun together.

I’ve needed to. Because despite all the training, coaching, qualifications … life happens and we allow things to slide as we get busy in our day-to-day doing. And this is what has happened for me this year. For 6 months I’ve been spending 4 days a week back in a corporate environment and chosen to focus there rather than on what I know brings me joy and daily appreciation.

And so as I accepted that all my little choices each day had led me to a place of loneliness and disconnect with my Self and with others I paused. I sat and went into balanced breathing and I communed with my multiple brains. I started with my heart brain as it leads, truly.

And my heart brain shared how much I was missing my deep peace-filling me time. And as I sat with that truth my heart brain then shared how much I was missing connecting with my friends, my soul peers, my family. My heart brain showed me how this was impacting me emotionally, physically and mentally. And how it was impacting those who are closest to me on a day-to-day basis.

I thanked my heart brain. And continued to breathe. I then tapped in deeply to my gut brain, apologising for ignoring my Self for the past few months and that I was listening. My gut brain shared how risky it is to be disconnected. And how much my Self was stagnating. My gut brain showed me how little my busy-ness had actually actioned in any meaningful way. My gut brain reminded me of who I truly, really, deeply am. And how connection to others lights me up.

I thanked my gut brain. And I continued to breathe. I left my head brain to last. This is the one of my brains that frequently tries getting the first say and drowning out the others. So, where I am consciously tuning in to all the communication from my multiple brains I often allow it to practice listening to the intelligence that the rest of me wants to share, so my head brain has the opportunity to be really creative in ways that are meaningful – to me and others. My head brain opened up new pathways for me to connect, firstly with my Self and then with others.

Quality fun time with friends who bring joy in my life

And I am experiencing a wonderful month. Quality fun time with friends locally. Connecting truly with Gareth, my life partner, and co-Trainer for mBIT … celebrating us, exploring areas we’ve never been before and planning what the next year may hold for us. I’ve caught up with people I have missed for years. I’ve met new people. And then, virtually, I’ve had amazing transforming heart-warming conversations with soul-friends and peers around the world.

And I feel good! I am truly grateful for the way that mBraining deeply works. Both in my life, and in the lives of those I coach and train. Having these tools and techniques at my finger tips has transformed my life.

Whatever the weather, exploring with Gareth lights me up!

When was the last time you took time to commune with each of your brains? You heart, head, and gut? When did you last align how you feel, how you think, and what you do?