Importance of connecting

Importance of connecting

This month I’ve focused on truly connecting with my Self and with people who matter to me in ways that are about caring, socialising and having fun together.

I’ve needed to. Because despite all the training, coaching, qualifications … life happens and we allow things to slide as we get busy in our day-to-day doing. And this is what has happened for me this year. For 6 months I’ve been spending 4 days a week back in a corporate environment and chosen to focus there rather than on what I know brings me joy and daily appreciation.

And so as I accepted that all my little choices each day had led me to a place of loneliness and disconnect with my Self and with others I paused. I sat and went into balanced breathing and I communed with my multiple brains. I started with my heart brain as it leads, truly.

And my heart brain shared how much I was missing my deep peace-filling me time. And as I sat with that truth my heart brain then shared how much I was missing connecting with my friends, my soul peers, my family. My heart brain showed me how this was impacting me emotionally, physically and mentally. And how it was impacting those who are closest to me on a day-to-day basis.

I thanked my heart brain. And continued to breathe. I then tapped in deeply to my gut brain, apologising for ignoring my Self for the past few months and that I was listening. My gut brain shared how risky it is to be disconnected. And how much my Self was stagnating. My gut brain showed me how little my busy-ness had actually actioned in any meaningful way. My gut brain reminded me of who I truly, really, deeply am. And how connection to others lights me up.

I thanked my gut brain. And I continued to breathe. I left my head brain to last. This is the one of my brains that frequently tries getting the first say and drowning out the others. So, where I am consciously tuning in to all the communication from my multiple brains I often allow it to practice listening to the intelligence that the rest of me wants to share, so my head brain has the opportunity to be really creative in ways that are meaningful – to me and others. My head brain opened up new pathways for me to connect, firstly with my Self and then with others.

Quality fun time with friends who bring joy in my life

And I am experiencing a wonderful month. Quality fun time with friends locally. Connecting truly with Gareth, my life partner, and co-Trainer for mBIT … celebrating us, exploring areas we’ve never been before and planning what the next year may hold for us. I’ve caught up with people I have missed for years. I’ve met new people. And then, virtually, I’ve had amazing transforming heart-warming conversations with soul-friends and peers around the world.

And I feel good! I am truly grateful for the way that mBraining deeply works. Both in my life, and in the lives of those I coach and train. Having these tools and techniques at my finger tips has transformed my life.

Whatever the weather, exploring with Gareth lights me up!

When was the last time you took time to commune with each of your brains? You heart, head, and gut? When did you last align how you feel, how you think, and what you do?

Decisions with a difference

Decisions with a difference

An amazing opportunity to have a discussion with Beth Gray, mBIT Coach, about what mBraining is and the difference to how we make decisions when we are aligning the intelligence of our heart, head and gut brains.

Sit back and take the time to listen to how we explore this profoundly simple and simply profound framework together!

How mBraining transformed my life

How mBraining transformed my life

When Dr Suzanne Henwood sent me a message to tell me I would love mBraining and that I needed to get my Self trained I already had 25+ years of coaching, training and consulting under my belt. I had multiple qualifications and used a range of modalities in the work that I did with clients.

However, her timing was spot on. I was ready to do something different with my life. I was at a place where I had recently travelled through Africa, bought a house with my life-partner and been offered the opportunity to become a Director in the consulting firm I was employed by. Everything seemed to be going fabulously.

And yet …

There was an unhappiness within me. I wanted something to change. And that was my professional sphere. I mentioned to Suzanne that I was considering setting up my own business as a coach, learning leader and consultant … and she said ‘mBraining’.

In no way did I hesitate. I have huge respect for Suzanne and will share that story with you another time. She introduced me to Wilbert Molenaar who was due to deliver the mBIT Cerfication in the UK a few months later. A short conversation later and I was signed up.

Fast forward 5 months and I’m sitting in the training room half way through Day 1 wondering quite what I’ve got my Self into. I dropped out of science when I was 15 years old and my head brain is in overdrive attempting to take this new modality in … and yet, I already know I’m hooked. By the time I am certified as a mBIT Coach at the end of Day 4 I am ready to step into the world in a different way.

Vikki holding her mBIT Coach Certification

As a person as well as a professional. My life has transformed because I now start every day and all decisions from my heart – from compassion – for my Self and for others. I then move to my head – my creativity – and open my Self to new pathways, new options, new ideas. And I swing into my gut – my courage – to check in as to which of these options align with my Self and with others before taking a decision to move forward in new ways.

Who I am continues to change as I consciously focus on being my most compassionate, creative and courageous me every day. I am taking better care of my Self and of others. And I have the courage to say no to what no longer aligns with me, to let go and to move on. My partner, friend, family and professional relationships have all evolved, continuing to bring a depth of awesoming that is new to me.

There have been hard decisions to make. And now my life moves from strength to strength as I grow my business and deliver mBIT training globally to people from all professions.

You, too, can have a life that is as you dream for it to be. mBraining is a profoundly simple and simply profound framework that anyone can use every day.

Our first mBIT coaches!

Our first mBIT coaches!

What an amazing experience it was to train this group of people who came from a range of backgrounds including health, corporate, legal, coaching and consulting. We had people from London, Cornwall and the Republic of Panama.

It was a privilege to have Stephen Moore as co-trainer. We each bring different perspectives, approaches and experiences to the training. We share mBraining in alternative ways allowing our learners to have an exquisite experience.

Day 1 was full-on as we welcomed people to the small and perfectly formed cricket pavilion at the historical Royal Military Academy in SE London. A brief opportunity to begin getting to know one another before diving on the information super highway that the first day is. Day 2-4 we took all the knowledge shared on the first day and learnt how to apply it practically when working 1-2-1 with others.

We start with breathing. And move into communicating with each of our brains … heart, head and gut. We then learn how to align them, becoming congruent in our feelings, thoughts and actions. And we top it all off with moving into our highest expressions of our Self … compassionate, creative and courageous.

Grant in full swing with the participants asking him questions about mBIT

Deeply honoured to have had a 1-hour video connection with Grant Soosalu, co-founder and on-going co-creator of the field of mBraining. Listening to his answers and the vision he has for impacting our world in healing, nurturing and generative ways was, as always, inspiring.

And finally on the afternoon of Day 4 our participants paired up and took each other through the mBIT Roadmap, integrating all they had learnt. Stephen and I were thrilled to certify them as the newest mBIT Coaches who are joining the global mBraining community. We are grateful to have shared this learning space with them!

Welcome to the mBraining global community. You are part of our mFamily now!
mBraining and coaching

mBraining and coaching

We are prepping for our first ever delivering of the mBraining Integration Techniques (mBIT) Certificate training. And many of the people I’ve spoken to about what the course includes have asked me about how it has impacted my coaching.

The answer. A lot. Why? Well, I have transformed my Self and suddenly I have techniques that I use with my coaching clients that guides them to make heart-led decisions that align with their creative thoughts and leads them to taking gutsy action.

I worked it out through this article on LinkedIn!