Multiple braining or mBraining is an integrated approach of aligning the intelligence centres within our bodies that science has recently identified in our heart, head and gut.

This integrated approach delivers practical, potent and immediate results to individuals and organisations.

Vikki Coombes, mBraining Trainer, briefly introduces multiple braining.

Listen to her give a taster of what multiple braining is all about. There is so much to this profoundly simple evolving framework. It is an exciting time to be learning and participating in the brand new field of mBraining. Note down what questions her explanation brings to your minds to ask her when you get to speak with her.

Next mBIT certification course: details coming soon…


What is mBraining?

Neuroscience and esoteric beliefs are now aligned
We have more than 3 complex adaptive intelligence centres within our bodies
Our heart brain leads with our compassion
Our head brain makes meaning and creates options
Our gut brain is our core identity and courageous driver

Using mBraining you will …

Tune into the communication from each of your intelligence centres
Tap into the prime functions of each of your heart, head and gut brains
Align your multiple brains to lead with wise decisions into coherent generative actions
Impact your career, family, friends, community and the world through your compassion, creativity and courage!

Watch this interview with Grant Soosalu, co-creator of mBraining to learn more.

He speaks with Daksha Malik & Suzanne Henwood about this evolutionary model that gives us the keys to how to align our multiple brains for greater wisdom, success and happiness in our rapidly changing world.

Our mBraining Courses and Coaching

Course: mBIT Certification for Coaches

Calling all coaches, trainers, consultants, health practitioners, teachers, therapists and leaders – join the leading edge of your profession with this qualification to use mBraining Integration Techniques with your clients.

Next mBIT certification course:
details coming soon…

Course: Loving Your Life

Through this generative book journey explore loving your self and your life more wonderously using the power and understandings from the exciting new fields of mBIT, Positive Psychology and NLP.

Launching in the second half of 2019!

Coaching: 1-2-1 mBIT Coaching

Vikki offers a small number of people the opportunity to coach with her using mBIT and other coaching methodologies. Through a programme of 8 sessions you will evolve your becoming to make wiser generative decisions where you surpass your goals.

Vikki Coombes

Vikki Coombes

mBraining Trainer

Having been through significant challenges and personal transformation herself Vikki leads learning opportunities for others with true passion, real flare and deep motivation.


Drawing upon more than 30 years experience as a learning leader, transformational coach and executive consultant Vikki creates an interactive fun learning environment for all participants. She has worked globally, empowering people from countries as wide ranging as United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States, Panama, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Angola, South Africa, Trinidad, France, Austria and Norway.

Vikki loves learning and has self-funded a wide range of qualifications throughout her life. These include two degrees, various courses from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, qualifying as a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, completing a Diploma in Transformational Coaching and being certified as an mBIT Master Coach and Trainer.

Vikki brings everything she has experienced, learnt and tried out for herself into her learning and coaching environments!

Get in touch:
M: +44 (0)7800 993 422